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This Week #9: November 11, 2019

The universe in the


The Old Man found great solace in helping others get through their dark times and I felt compelled to continue on with that, even though I couldn’t truly understand what it was like to be inside his head. I did however, know what it was like to be raised by him. So this season we're telling both truths. As best we can. And without vilifying either side. They’re both true. And they’re both beautiful and painful.


I do this in an effort to understand each other better. maybe break the cycle of trauma. Maybe not. The more I think: “You suffered terribly and that caused me to suffer terribly, maybe if we say it out loud we can all suffer a little bit less”… the more I feel like it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe someone else will feel less alone out there. Whatever side they’re on.

Written Pieces

The Universe in the Kitchen

By: Adrienne LaValley

I didn’t know that everyone doesn’t spend their lives waiting for the other shoe to drop until I was well into my thirties. I think it was the look on my friend’s face when I said “I’m so nervous things are going well right now. When’s it all gonna end?” She couldn’t quite understand the palpable, stomach twisting fear I had about the inevitable future...


...Living with a bipolar parent is like living with the sun. Forever orbiting someone who wields both the power to nourish and love you and the spontaneous drive to destroy who you are at your core. Like termites eating away at your foundation until there’s nothing left but anxiety and self doubt. Then they die and you’re bestowed the gift of reconstruction. Who will you finally be now that the sun has gone down?


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Share your Story

Do you have a story you'd like told on the show? Sharing your life experience can help so many others feel less alone. 


We're committed to expelling the shame and stigma surrounding mental illness. We're looking for people who'd like to share their story in an effort to connect with the millions of people suffering from mental health issues around the world. It can be funny or not. It can be about you or not. As long as it's honest. We're especially looking for People of Color to share their stories, as they're deeply under-represented in this continuum. The topic of mental health can be incredibly white centric, often overlooking People of Color's daily struggles. Our differences are an important element in telling our stories and supporting the narration of lives lived.


We also understand loving and/or supporting someone with a mental illness can be particularly challenging. Feelings of isolation and helplessness are a daily part of this reality for so many people.

You are not alone either. 


If you'd like your story shared on the show, email us here.

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